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Bollywood Insider - 2008 look ahead

Bollywood Insider - 2008 look ahead

The latest Bollywood chugli - what the stars are set for in the coming year: Hrithik busy boy - Salman still stealing headlines - All good - Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa - Full Movie

Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa - Full Movie

Title: Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa
Duration: 2 hr 31 min
Featuring: Shah Rukh Khan, Suchitra Krishnamoorti, Deepak Tijori, Naseeruddin Shah, Satish Shah, Rita Bhaduri, Anjan Srivastav
Producer: Vikram Mehrohtra
Director: Kundan Shah
Lyrics: Majhrooh Sultanpuri
Year of Release: 1993

Do you want to VLOG ?

Recently I, like many of the other netizens of the 21st century, decided to take the plunge and upload some of my precious videos onto the internet. Quite frankly, I pride myself on knowing quite a lot about the Internet and the different categories of websites it offers. But nothing could prepare me for the mystifying world of video upload websites, that the Internet has to offer today. Starting from famous websites such as You tube!,Dailymotion, metacafe,, etc. every video upload website today, offers the incredible advantage of being able to reach to a wide range of audiences. Video upload sites have been instrumental in revolutionizing Internet Networking. As compared to having a regular blog website, Video blogging or V-Blogz (Vlogs) as they are being called these days, offer the distinct advantage of offering that personal touch, that most regular blogs lack. Video Sharing also offers prospects of meeting new people as well as socializing on a more special way with existing friends/members. While about half of the internet population are still contemplating joining such video upload sites, the major part of the latter half are quite concerned with the predominant danger of the Internet – Privacy or Security.

What most people don't actually realize is that, most good websites You tube!,Dailymotion, metacafe, MegaVideos, etc. offer the option of having the videos you uploaded as either Private or Public, which as the name suggests would offer the users to chance of restricted access. A good user-friendly interface and the ability to easily upload and post videos, are probably the key characteristics of a good video upload site. It has also been noticed of late that, personalized videos, where the users talk about themselves are a much popular way of getting to meet new and interesting people for friendship and sometimes dating. While sometimes a few words and photos may not get you the attention you require, a good video, even if its an amateur one, will most probably do magic for you.

Advertisements have always been an indispensable part of websites and the internet. Starting with online banners and pay-per-click links, these days advertisers are taking the video route, diverting from T.V. to video upload websites. These video sites offer unlimited potential in terms of market audience, since there are a wide variety of audience accessing these websites. And the icing on the cake is that all of this is possible without shelling out a single dime. Most of these video upload sites offer free memberships and a good starting space of 100Mb storage and 100Mb bandwidth. Another handy feature that most video upload websites offer these days is the feature to upload directly from cell phones, which is quite a good feature for travellers who globe-trot quite often and would like to share their travelling experiences with others users with similar taste.

With millions of different categories and channels offered by video upload sites, every user has potentially innumerable number of venues to express their interests and desires. However, it is also important to attach good keywords or tags to the uploaded videos, for it to be easily searchable by other users and members. Description of the video and eye-catching titles, also play important roles in reaching out to a wide number of people. Although video blogging is still at a nascent stage in many countries, there are many examples on prominent video upload websites, of quite animated users who partake everything from citizen journalism to kitschy video clips of their daily experiences. All these just go on to suggest that there is no denying the power behind this burgeoning trend of video sharing and video upload sites.

Author : Nirav Dave is owner of India's own Video Sharing Portal MegaVideos which is recently launched in india and is a portal to Share Indian Videos.